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RoadMap 2015. Empowering Davao Through Information and Communications Technology.

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Over the past few years, we have seen the Information Technology-Business Process Outsourcing services’ rapid growth with multiple locations leveraging their strengths to become the outsourcing destination for global business processes. The country’s revenue from this industry is already past the USD 4.5 Billion mark.

Davao City is among the 2008 Top 10 Philippine IT-BPO Destinations  having been ranked by the Commission on Information and Communications Technology (CICT) and the Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) Number 4 out of 37 Philippine cities in the 1st BPO Summit last December of 2008. Despite this seemingly enviable position, Davao City has only 1% market share versus total industry. While we have recently seen a 56% growth in number of IT-BPO jobs in the city, our outsourcing and off shoring (O&O scorecard) shows areas of weakness in the areas of talent, infrastructure, cost of doing business and business environment.


In order to fully realize our city’s potential and the industry’s target, the private sector and local government needs to create a blueprint for how we will strategically plan for the industry and identify the game plan for implementation over the short and medium term. The output of such exercise will be the Davao ICT Roadmap 2015 which will serve as an input to the City ICT Master Plan.



  1. Pre-Summit Workshops:

    1. Identify gaps in the 4 major areas of the outsourcing and off-shoring scorecard specifically in the talent, infrastructure, cost of doing business and business environment and risk management.

    2. Sit down with key stakeholders to identify ways these gaps can be addressed

    3. Gain commitment from public and private sector to accelerate implementation of effective interventions via a ICT short to medium term development plan which will be referred to as Roadmap 2015.


  1. ICT Summit

    1. Strengthen public and private sector understanding of the ICT opportunities

    2. Create a deeper appreciation for national ICT initiatives and find opportunities for local implementation

    3. Present the Roadmap 2015 to all the stakeholders and gain commitment for its implementation from both sectors

    4. Generate broad participation and appreciation of the community for IT-BPO business and employment opportunities through the conduct of breakout sessions, jobs fair, simulations and site tours



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