Board of Trustees

A Board of Trustees leads ICT Davao Inc. elected from among Regular Members. The current members of the Board of Trustees are:

  • President, Atty. Samuel Matunog
  • Vice President, Lizabel Holganza
  • Secretary, Belinda Torres
  • Treasurer, Nelly Sia-Agabin
  • Auditor, Xavier Eric Manalastas

IDI members meet quarterly with the last quarter meeting as the Annual Membership Meeting when the Board of Directors (BOD) are elected. The BOD meets as needed. Membership meetings of Regular members happen periodically.


The members also organize themselves according to the following committees:

Talent Development Committee

The Talent Development Committee manages all talent-related initiatives in the ICT Industry Cluster Roadmap 2014-2016. This includes implementing the current portfolio of initiatives, working with stakeholders to refresh the portfolio of initiatives, anchoring the talent working group, and launching and monitoring the Talent Management Partnerships program.

Industry Affairs Committee

The Industry Affairs Committee handles all initiatives dealing with client development, quality assurance, and membership affairs. Client development involves the promotion of growth in the Information Technology-Business Process Management (IT-BPM) industry by attracting investors or clients to the Philippines. IT-BPM industry events and IDI membership services include all the conferences, campaigns, fund raisers, and membership meetings organized by or in partnership with IDI to help promote the growth of the industry and its members.

External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs Committee in in charge of two service lines: marketing and government liaising. The marketing service line covers all the external communications of the industry, including road shows, media campaigns, messages from IDI, as well as the upkeep and maintenance of the IDI website. Meanwhile, the government liaison service manages interactions with all government entitities including articulating key policy positions for the sector, drawing input from others in IDI, and presenting the industry’s concerns to national government policy-making bodies.

Information and Research Committee

The Information and Research Committee provides industry statistics and information to the public. The tasks of this committee include the publication of annual industry statistics on talent pool, IT-BPM revenues and employment, and the resulting benefits to the country. The research team also takes charge of compiling the IT-BPM City Scorecard, annual risk report, and latest industry trends.

Human Resource Operations Committee

The Human Resource (HR) Operations Committee works with human resources service providers and IDI members in conducting studies related to HR management such as benefits, health and wellness, attrition and employee engagement. Moreover, the Committee also reviews labor bills and other matters arising from or affecting the Department of Labor and Employment and the regulatory environment. It also aims to continuously review and share HR best practices.