Vision and Mission


Davao: preferred destination of and launching for competitive and cutting-edge information and communication technology products and services to the world.


ICT Davao, Inc shall:

  1. Be the umbrella organization of the ICT industry in Davao region;
  2. Represent and be the common voice of the ICT industry in Davao region;
  3. Promote and uphold the interest of the ICT industry in Davao region;
  4. Promote the effective use of ICT as a tool in enhancing the social and economic aspects of life in Davao region;
  5. Effectuate the aims and objectives of ICT Davao independent of partisanship and prejudice; and, within its jurisdiction, will:
    a. Organize and support activities that are in accordance with the ICT Davao objectives;
    b. Advice and assist official authorities on matters affecting the ICT trade and services;
    c. Present suitable suggestions for ICT Davao industry development;
    d. Participate in the discussions of bills and ordinances submitted for public hearing;
    e. Avail itself of whatever legal means to promote the constant progress of ICT relations of the Philippines with other countries and the improvement of the condition of Filipino ICT practitioners in the locality;
    f. Support the policies and objectives of any organization to which this ICT Davao is affiliated or associated with in order to present a strong and united front on all matters affecting the welfare of the Filipinos in general and ICT practitioners in particular;
  6. Be able to represent the members of the Association as one body in order to organize, participate and implement activities in the community;
  7. Work in conjunction with any judicial or legislative body, government ministry, agency, chambers of Commerce or commissions now appointed or to be appointed for the consideration, formulation, amendment or alteration of any law or regulation related to the industry.